Lucinda Balgooyen Bio

Certified Hypnotherapist

Lucinda hails from New Jersey and New York, and graduated from the State University College at Buffalo with a degree in Graphic Design. Minnesota was home for ten years, where she had two children. During this period, she also advocated for seniors and was an adjunct in the public schools. Returning to the work force after relocating to Chico, and determined to devote her life advocating for others, she volunteered her time as a Friendly Visitor and Ombudsman. She was employed as an advocate for people with disabilities and those struggling with mental health issues for fifteen years. Lucinda enjoyed the position of Certified Activity Director at a large, active retirement community for seven years. She has also been certified in Shiatsu masseuse, and has contributed to a book to help families connect with services for elderly parents. It became quite clear to her that inside we share the basic qualities that make us all human; and that each of us deserves dignity and respect, and the opportunity to experience this life to our fullest potential.

A few successful sessions for weight loss with a hypnotherapist twenty-five years ago piqued her interest in this most fascinating approach to improving the quality of life. A chance encounter with a local hypnotherapist at a social function over a decade ago was the catalyst. It offered the optimal solution to channel her lifelong passion to support and empower others in the most powerful way. In researching schools, it became apparent that the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, where her acquaintance had learned his skills, and considered one of the most well respected schools in the world, was the optimal choice. She graduated from HTI in 2008, is a state certified Hypnotherapist, and member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. In the interim, she has continued the liaison with this individual, now her mentor, accruing hundreds of hours of training. Exploring the subconscious mind and how it interacts with the body to help others to experience life more fully through this simple, yet elegant healing modality, is her calling and biggest passion. Her resource library on various hypnosis-related topics fills many bookshelves in her home! Lucinda balances her life by spending time in nature, walking and hiking, gardening, Pilates, and cooking. She believes strongly in a holistic approach to life.

Lucinda is excited to have the opportunity to work with individuals on the subconscious level in a deep state of relaxation, the seat of emotions, imagination, memory, habits and intuition, to facilitate the highest degree of satisfaction and happiness in life. She continues to be amazed by the limitless opportunities using hypnosis to assist individuals with such a wide array of issues.

If the motivation and desire is there, the potential for change is extremely high. Feel free in inquire about hypnotherapy, a safe and enjoyable process that can alter lives in the most positive and exciting of ways!

Telephone: (530) 774-2604